George Wright Hotel Bar and Restaurant is seeking an experienced Restaurant Manager to manage the staff and operation of our fine dining restaurant The Milton and our GW courtyard Restaurant. The successful candidate will be responsible for the implementation of our restaurant’s policies and procedures and will participate in achieving our revenue objectives. The Restaurant Manager will ensure that staff remain compliant with all relevant laws, and that customers’ needs are promptly met. The Restaurant Manager should have experience managing a team in some capacity and have experience in previous restaurant jobs. The candidate should also have prior experience in an assisting role such as Deputy Manager, or Assistant Manager of a restaurant for a few years, to demonstrate an understanding about the logistics of restaurant work.

Restaurant Manager responsibilities:

• Organising staff shifts and scheduling

• Training staff i.e. Silver service, Mixology and Customer service

• Providing excellent customer service

• Leading by example

• Planning menus

• Working with food and drink suppliers

• Ensuring all food safety procedures are strictly followed according to sanitary regulations

• Following all company policy and procedures regarding dealing with cash, equipment and property

• Cleaning the kitchen according to regulatory guidelines

• Maintaining safe working conditions

• Auditing inventory levels to ensure product availability, and ordering products as necessary

• Recruiting and training staff

• Working closely with management to meet revenue objectives

• Implementing appropriate strategies to resolve adverse trends and improve sales

Restaurant Manager skills:

• 5+ years’ experience in the restaurant industry / hospitality

• Experience in weddings and events

• Ability to remain calm under pressure

• Should be dependable and reliable

• Business management skills

• Exceptional organisational and leadership skills

• Knowledge of food production

• Ability to work well with others with excellent interpersonal and communications skills

• Knowledge of computers and industry technology

• Ability to work flexible hours, including nights and weekends

• Basic understanding of food preparation

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: £22,000.00-£25,000.00 per year